Dr Weder, Kauta & Hoveka Inc. has a resourceful and pioneering litigation practice, which is a full-service department covering all areas of litigation ensuring that our clients get the best legal expertise. Our legal practitioners are proactive in resolving disputes in the best interest of our clients and place much emphasis on the need to assist clients efficiently and as expediently as possible.

With 12 dedicated litigators at director level, the Firm has comprehensive litigation experience in the following types of litigation matters: civil, insurance, commercial, criminal, collections, and divorce matters. Our Legal Practitioners have appeared in both High Court and Magistrates’ Court in attending to the various ligation matters that the Firm has been involved in. Our Mr Kauta has right of appearance in the Supreme Court of Namibia and has also previously been appointed as an Acting Judge of the High Court of Namibia

We render professional, high-quality legal advice across all areas of the law, and our team of lawyers have particular experience in banking law, corporate law, insurance law, matrimonial and domestic law, property disputes, construction law, insolvency law, debt recovery and tax law.

We provide quality service to all types of clients including leading financial institutions, corporate and investment banks, state-owned entities, regulatory bodies and government.

We have a tax expert dedicated to tax dispute litigation and resolution.

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